Who We Are / Our Team

Who We Are / Our Team

Strategic thinkers, live event and marketing experts with agency experience all under one roof.

We’re not reps or operators taking orders and assigning tasks.

We are highly experienced marketing and event professionals, graphic designers and web programmers with corporate 500 and agency experience to boot.  It’s our formula for success.

We get what’s on the line for you. It’s about the big picture and we get that.

Special privileges you’ll only get with Bright Spot Events:

  • Authentic relations built on trust and a job well done
  • The facts you need to make important decisions
  • Fair-minded straight shooters. We don’t pull punches or sell you on anything you don’t need
  • Professionally represent you and your brand, delivering expert advice, and complete creative flexibility
  • You’ll easily save time and effort, giving you freedom to get your job done.
  • We’re surprisingly affordable – You’ll wonder how you ever got along without us

Yes it’s possible…99.9% of the time. That’s our motto.
That means if you need a special feature built into your software, we’ll bend over backwards to make it happen.  No other company offers you this much flexibility.  We’re totally obsessed with digital events – it’s what we do best.

Together with Bright Spot Events, anything’s possible.

Shine Bright.

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