Custom Registration Web Sites

Custom Registration Web Sites

Let’s face it – First impressions matter.

Your event site is the face of your company – Bright Spot Events ensures you get stunning, informative event websites to match your company’s brand and promote guest interaction.

The better way to fully customize, brand and manage your events. Marketing consistency across all your platforms. Further enhance your professionalism and brand.

The industries best and only fully customizable, mobile optimized event registration platform. Providing the most visually stunning websites anywhere.

  • Fully Customizable Graphic Design – Have your own images or simply a creative  brief?  Our top-flight designers make the creative process easy. Flexibility, unique  and custom looks – you can’t get that from a template.
  • Flexible Form, Mobile, Responsive Design Optimization – Real-time analytics  including live guest count and text alerts makes your job so much easier. Mobile  friendly design optimized for blackberry, android and ios native devices. Need video  on your site?  No problem – get complete flexibility and no restrictions on your site design needs.
  • Dynamic On-Line Registration – You have tons of event details. Present them in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your guests.
  • Powerful, Fully Customizable Reporting  – You’re in control with full access to unlimited real-time reports. Quickly get the analytics you need with customized reporting – all at your fingertips
  • Air Travel / Hotel Integration – Give your attendees the best possible first impression. Ensure travel and hotel logistics are near perfect. And with up-to-the-minute reporting and real-time flight tracking all at your fingertips. You’ll have a complete arrival/departure manifest. Quickly catch booking errors to dramatically reduce costly attrition rates for your hotel room blocks. You’ll save significant time no longer manually updating travel records and import attendee itineraries. Phew.
  • Event Booking, Appointment Scheduling – Take bookings, appointments and inquiries directly from your custom branded website. Your guests will never leave the  page for their transactions.
  • Make your invite list generation easier. We’ll manage, sort and compile multiple guest lists into one central list.  Track and record past attendees to simplify future  list generation tasks.
  • Personal Agendas – Send detailed confirmation emails, distribute complete, unique  itineraries to each guest.
  • Attendee & Guest Details, Personal Information – A lot of little details can equal one huge headache.  We make it easy by streamlining all your critical attendee and guest information in one easy to manage area.
  • Seamless Data Collection – You’ll get real insight into who was at your event – all in on place.  Event data is “always on”, safe, and secure.  Discover guest’s interests by their collecting vital data.
  • Attendance Tracking – Vip arrival alerts, analyze attendee behavior. Quickly track and control who’s coming to your event and who’s not. No more labor-intensive tracking, data entry and processing. All simplified right here.
  • Payment Processing – Simplify your attendees’ payment options by paying online. Track and manage payments, deposits and refunds all in one place.
    • Custom Shopping Carts / PCI Compliant sites and hosting
    • Eventbrite or other API Integration
  • Attendee Management – The tools you need to easily manage your event registration process from creating branded registration pages to adding guests on the fly.
  • Add to Calendar functionality –  A quick and easy way to get your event details into your guests’ calendars. Attendance improves with “save the date” reminders and details of your event.

Imagine. All these capabilities. For every single guest. For every one of your events. It couldn’t be easier.

And the best part? We charge per event, not per attendee or invite yes / no response.  Got an event for 20, 2000 or as many as 20,000 attendees? Your project is completely scalable to your needs. Give us your project scope and we’ll work within your budget.  Are we claiming too much?
We don’t think so.

That’s the power of Bright Spot Events.

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